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Natures-Way Pest Control Services specialise in traditional methods of rabbit and other vertebrae management.
Vertebrates Control

Professional and Effective Rabbit Control Throughout Southend-on-Sea and Essex

Albeit not noted for their health risks, Rabbits are highly destructive creatures that if left can explode into epidemic proportions in no time at all. Whether you are a home owner or land owner, whether it’s an airfield, sports field, school playground or botanical garden we will have a method of vertebrates control to suit your needs.


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vertebrates control
Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel Pest Control in Southend-on-Sea

Grey squirrels are vertabrates that are found in a wide range of habitats from parks and gardens to woodland. They spend part of their time foraging on the ground but are always within easy reach of trees.

They usually have their young either in Dreys (nests made of leaves and twigs) or in holes in trees.

They will also breed in roof and attic spaces where they may build their nests from insulation for lofts. Grey squirrels do not hibernate but are less active during periods of cold weather. They normally have two litters each year; the first in February to March and a second in June to July. The litter size averages three to four, and the young are independent at about three months.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Squirrels

The grey squirrel is classified as a rodent but is not regarded as vermin as unlike rats and mice, they do not normally present a human health risk.

Problems occur when squirrels gain access to roof spaces. If this happens, they may cause damage to electrical wiring, insulation, plastic water pipes and so on. This can sometimes result in fires or flooding.

Quite often gnawing through cables and water pipes and building structures their destruction is probably some of the worst we encounter and these determined creatures, once in they are very difficult to evict. To purely block them in or out would be a huge mistake and they should be totally removed before any repairs to their entry points are carried out.

How do Natures-Way Control These Vertebrates?

Believe it or not, it is now an offence to release Grey Squirrel’s back in to the wild once captured. We have to use humane traps which are the most appropriate tool to use.

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